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Thursday, January 26, 2012


I wanted to do something kind of cool for Valentine’s Day.  I love to do shapes…food shapes……  so this big heart thing going on opened the door even more to my crazy compulsion for the attention to detail. 

It’s still very cold& gloomy over here on the Hudson River so something warm & comforting & pretty was in order.   I decided that a somewhat healthy version of Empanaditas might not be so bad considering my need to eat vast quantities of gummy bears every night while watching TV.    So I ignited my freak mode and came up with this.

Pre-Heat Oven 350    Bake 20 Minutes
Set out Rolled Ready Bake Pie Crust.  Should be @ Room Temperature

1 Pound Ground Chicken
1 Cup Tostitos Chunkie Salsa (You choose the heat) Buy the large jar 24 Ounces. Will use remainder for salsa
4 Kiwi Cut into tiny cubes ( ½ goes to Filler  ½  for Salsa)
1 Cup Grated Monterey Jack Cheese
½ Cup Cilantro Finely Chopped
½ Cup Scallions
1 Teaspoon Ground Cumin
½ Teaspoon Goya Adobo All Purpose Seasoning
1 Tablespoon Virgin Olive Oil
3  Boxes Rolled Ready Bake Pie Crust ( Total 6 Rolls)
2 Eggs Beaten    Put in separate bowl to be used as empanadita sealant and glaze

In skillet add olive oil low heat &cook ground chicken chopped finely.  Add 1 Cup Salsa, 2 chopped kiwi, cilantro, scallions, cumin, Adobo seasoning & add cheese last. Cook till cheese melts into chicken combination.  Let sit @ room temp.

Tostidos Chunkie Salsa (Use the remainder of Jar)
2  Finely Chopped Kiwi
½ or more Cups Cilantro Finely Chopped
1  Teaspoon Cumin
½ Cup Chopped Scallions

Add all ingredients and place in attractive dipping sauce container. Garnish with fresh cilantro and tiny pastry hearts

On floured surface, roll out pie crust.  With heart shaped cookie cutter, cut about 14 medium sized hearts (3”X3”).  With the remainder of pie crusts use an assortment of smaller heart shaped cookie cutters to cut as many as you can to be used as the pastry appliqués.  Place all hearts in a plastic zip lock bag to keep from drying out. 

You will need two hearts to assemble one empanadita.   Place one heart on floured surface, paint with egg wash &add about a teaspoon of filler directly in the center.  Place second heart directly over the filler like a sandwich & press down.  Try not to let filler go to the edge of heart.  Press edges of the two hearts together creating a seam and use fork to seal.
Brush with egg wash and add smaller cut out heart shapes in any design, giving a 3 dimensional look to the empanadita .  Anything is possible.  Design Away!!!  Make sure when you add a heart, brush with egg to glue it down.  Place on cookie cutter covered with parchment paper and bake for 20 minutes.



maggie said...

reminds me of the original empanaditas we made way back when although not nearly so pretty as these!

Medifast Diabetic Plan said...

I played around with your empanadita recipe this weekend to master before Valentine's, AWESOME. Everyone loved them, even my picky eater. Didn't do heart shapes, saving that for the big day. Thanks so much!