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Saturday, February 18, 2012


Welsh Bara Brith
Happy St. Davids Day
 Cymru Am Byth!!

Saint David’s Day is celebrated on March 1 to commemorate St. David, the Patron Saint of Wales, who died around 589.     This day has been declared a national “Feast Day” & is celebrated every year in Wales as well as the USA.     

A favorite traditional bread of Wales is Bara Brith, commonly known as “Speckled Bread.”  It’s delightfully packed full of dried fruit: usually raisins, currants &something called “Candied Peel” which in American terms could be classified as mixed candied dried fruit.  I used a combination of dried cranberries, apricots, prunes and raisins primarily because it what I had in my pantry.  You can mix pretty much any dried fruit combination & this bread will be wonderful. 

I also thought it would be interesting & more attractive of course, to bake individual portions in a miniature  bundt pan that makes 12 at a time.  Traditionally Bara Brith is baked in a regular size bread loaf pan then sliced and buttered.   You can do that too but please first check out my version.  These would be great to serve at breakfast, brunch or tea and a nice change from the proverbial  fare of pastries and muffins.  Enjoy!!  Cymru Am Byth!!

Welsh Bara Brith
4 Ounces Dried Cranberries
4 Ounces Dried Apricots (Sliced Finely)
4 Ounces Prunes (Sliced Finely)
4 Ounces Raisins
1 Cup Strong Black Tea (I used PG Tips.   A strong English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast is good.)
1 Stick Salted Butter
2 Heaping Teaspoons Orange Marmalade
2 Eggs Beaten
16 Ounces Flour ( ½ Self Rising White Flour, ½ Whole Wheat Flour)
6 Ounces Soft Brown Sugar
2 Tablespoons All Spice

In medium bowl or Rubber Made container mix all berries and pour tea over completely covering all.  Cover, refrigerate and leave over night.
In large pan melt stick of butter and add marmalade.  Let cool 5 minutes add beaten eggs, then fruit.  Mix flour, brown sugar and spice in small bowl then add to fruit.

Heat oven 350degrees    I used a miniature Bundt pan making 12 small cakes.  Spray with Baking Spray with Flour. Melt ½ Stick of butter & pour a small amount in each bundt just barely covering the bottom.
Spoon batter ¾ full and bake 30 minutes   
Let cool and remove each from pan.

1 Stick Butter (Very Soft)
Powder Sugar to sprinkle
To garnish  let tiny loaves cool, sprinkle with power sugar   &  with pastry bag and small flower tip, pipe on a tiny flower of butter  to the top of each.  


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